Chiang Mai Mandala House

There must be a thousand hotels, guesthouses, and hostels in Chiang Mai. The amount of options can be overwhelming. I was on a bus from Ayutthaya to Chiang Mai scrolling through, and I stumbled on the Mandala House.

Mandala House
Mandala House in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mandala House amenities

I was looking for a pool, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, hot water for the shower, and a relatively budget priced room. I also wanted a spot close to the action in Chiang Mai, which meant close to the night bazar. My plan was to book a tour the next day in Chiang Mai, so I wanted a place I could walk to a local tour office. Mandala House checked all of those boxes and also offered breakfast, so I booked.

Mandala House pool
Pool across the street

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Bus drop off

My bus from Ayutthaya dropped me off at the bus station a little outside of town.  I got a tuk-tuk ride to the Mandala House for 50 baht. The nice thing about booking on an app is the app shows the location on Google maps. Therefore, I could follow the progress to the location and even give navigation tips to my driver if he did not know where the location was. With so many lodging options in Chiang Mai, even local tuk-tuk drivers will not know where every place is.

Chiang Mai lodging
Spacious bed and room

Easy check-in

Mandala House was located in a narrow street just off the main drag in Chiang Mai. I showed my passport, and dropped off my backpack in my room. My room was clean and spacious enough for one person. Staff was of course exceedingly friendly and helpful. Every hotel staff in all of Southeast Asia pretty much is.

Chiang Mai night market
Mandala House was close to the night market

Mandala House super convenient location

I immediately departed to hit the night market area. The booking app indicated Mandala House was .6 miles from the night market. It turned out it was even closer to the main action. In just a couple of turns I was on the main road. Before I even came across the night market, I found a booking agent for the next leg of my trip. I then proceeded to the night market and bought dinner and some clothes. I could not have been more happy with the location.

Chiang Mai Thailand
Bathroom with hot water and free water

Breakfast and check out

Next morning, I walked down to the entrance and had a choice of breakfast. I choose the fried egg option, and I inquired about the pool because I had not run into it yet. I was informed it was across the street. Sure enough, the pool was conveniently located right across the street. This was not far because the street was quite narrow.

Backpacking Thailand
Another view of the Mandala House room with air-conditioning and TV present


The Mandala House in Chiang Mai was exactly what I was looking for. The price for the room turned out to be only $16.00 and the breakfast was around another $3.00. I know some backpackers prefer to spend under $10.00 and sometimes even under $5.00. There are plenty of options available in Chiang Mai for those prices, but I was looking for a single room, a pool, and A-C, so I was willing to spend a little more. I am glad I chose Mandala House and would happily return.





Thai Travel Clinic for travel innoculations

When traveling to different parts of the world, one of the most difficult questions to figure out is what vaccines are necessary and where to go. In the broken U.S. healthcare system, there is no shortage of places to go, but there are many problems. The Thai Travel Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand is a great affordable and easy way to start your Southeast Asian adventure.

Thai Travel Clinic
Thai Travel Clinic inside the Hospital for Tropical Diseases near the Victory Monument

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Avoid expensive travel vaccines in the United States

Even if you have good insurance, travel vaccines in the United States can be pricy. Often times insurance does not cover the costs. For example, Twin Rix can run up to $150.00. The Yellow Fever vaccine can cost between $150.00 and $300.00. At the Thai Travel Clinic, these vaccines will set you back $23 and $36 respectively. Most vaccines here are in the  $10 to $20 range.

Travel vaccines
Entering to get my shots

Another reason not to get these shots in the United States is can you really trust your doctor/clinic to give you the advice you need? Since healthcare is for profit, clinics in the United States will advise you to get as much as possible. The costs at the Thai Travel Clinic are so affordable, that even if they do suggest unnecessary vaccines, it will not break your budget. I did not feel like they swayed me to get unnecessary shots at the Thai Travel Clinic.

Make an appointment online

I made an appointment online, and submitted the questionnaire to their email. I immediately received a confirm email and then a follow up reminder email.

Thai Travel clinic map
The map on the website for the Thai Travel Clinic

Getting to the Thai Travel Clinic

I would suggest leaving a little early as it is a little confusing getting there. Get off at the BTS Victory Monument Station. The map on their website for arrival is accurate; however, exiting the BTS can be confusing. If you do not choose the right exit, you will not be on the right street. The Clinic is inside the Hospital for Tropical Diseases. It is on the third floor. You can give a taxi that information, and they be able to find it.

Victory Monument
Victory Monument – A ten minute walk to the Thai Travel Clinic

Last appointment of the weekend

My appointment was for 3:30 p.m. on a Friday. They were motivated to get me in and out as soon as possible, so they could start their weekend. They took my blood pressure and weight, and I was immediately ushered in to see a doctor.

Doctor consultation at the Thai Travel Clinic

I informed the doctor of my medical history, past inoculations, and about my trip. She recommended I get a flu shot, tetanus shot, and a Japanese Encephalitis shot. She also recommended a rabies prevention shot. Unfortunately, the rabies shot requires two inoculations in a one week interval. If you want a rabies prevention shot, you need to be able to have the second shot administered in one week. I was leaving Bangkok in three days, so I could not get this one.

Pantanal Brazil
Thanks to getting a Yellow Fever vaccine, I am now good to go for an adventure in Brazil. – Wikimedia Creative Commons By Alicia Yo at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

I also requested a yellow fever shot. For $36, this was a deal I could not pass up. I would like to visit Brazil in the near future, and I know they require a yellow fever shot, so I am now covered to visit Brazil. Check out their website to see available vaccines and prices.

travel vaccines
My four shots from the Thai Travel Clinic

Thai Travel Clinic staff were efficient and super friendly

The staff at the Thai Travel Clinic were incredibly nice and friendly. Not a surprise if you have spent any time in Thailand. The doctor and the nurses spoke enough English to effectively communicate. I speak almost no Thai, so any problems were on me, but nothing that impacted the service and the experience.

travel shots
I received two shots in one shoulder and two in the other

Four shots for under $100

I left the Thai Travel Clinic $100 lighter in my pocket, but with the peace of mind that I would be safer on this trip and in upcoming travels. I highly recommend bypassing the overpriced United States healthcare system in order to get your vaccinations done in Bangkok.

vaccine booklet
My cute little vaccine booklet

Travel vaccine book

Before I left, I was given a handy travel vaccine booklet showing I received the yellow fever shot and the other inoculations. I can now show this upon entry to countries that require this vaccination. As I was leaving, three nurses and the doctor waived and wished me a great trip.