Hostal El Momento like crashing with a friend

The best part about Hostal El Momento in Granada, Nicaragua is location, location, location. The hostel is literally around the corner from one of the most beautiful churches in the Western Hemisphere. Exit and in two blocks travelers find themselves in the main square.

Hostal El Momento Granada
The view around the corner from Hostal El Momento

Arrival to Hostal El Momento

I arrived from Managua and departed my bus next to Parque Central in Granada. After a two or three block walk, I arrived at Hostal El Momento. Upon check-in, I was first asked for my name. After that I was addressed by my name the rest of my stay. When I met a new staff member, they would likewise ask for my name and then also call me by it. This resulted in a more personal friendly vibe to my experience. I felt like I was crashing at my friend’s place instead of a place of business.

Hostal El Momento
Hostal El Momento

A brief tour of the property followed. They made sure to let me know what areas were smoking and which were not. They also requested no backpacks on the bed. A metal backpack holder stood outside the room. This specification was to thwart the spread of bedbugs as the pesky critters sometimes hitchhike from hostel to hostel via backpacks. Humans are not the only ones with a bucket list to backpack Nicaragua.

Courtyard Hostal El Momento
Comfortable courtyard at Hostal El Momento

Comfortable courtyard

The best part about the hostel besides the location was the open courtyard. There was a middle area filled with plants and trees. Around the perimeter of the courtyard were hammocks, couches, tables, and chairs. Granada is really hot, but the courtyard was nice and breezy. The courtyard was open aired, but along the sides where the chairs were was an overhang. This protects from the sun and other elements.

Hostal El Momento courtyard
The lush Hostal El Momento courtyard

The courtyard area was where breakfast was served and everyone hung out at. During the day it was mostly empty, but at morning and night, it was a hot spot. Hostal El Momento has a full service bar at the corner of the area at the front. This is also where breakfast is ordered. Breakfast is complimentary for those staying here. Of course there was Wi-Fi in the courtyard and the connection was strong.

Hostal El Momento Granada Nicaragua
Chilling in the Hostal El Momento Courtyard

One perk about traveling and staying at hostels is meeting people from around the world. I met and spoke with people from France, Germany, Switzerland, Nicaragua, and even Chicago. The courtyard is a perfect place to meet up and converse with people from around the globe and talk about your travels.

Masaya Volcano tours and other options

All tours can be booked through the hostel. If they do not run the tour, they can book you through a different agency. They offer Masaya Volcano night tours almost every night. I signed up and was picked up from the front of the hostel. There was no one else from this hostel that night, but a family from the U.S. and a couple from the Netherlands were also on the tour.

Masaya Volcano
Masaya Volcano tour booked through Hostal El Momento

The Masaya Volcano drives visitors right up to the rim of the volcano at night for views of the lava. You only get 5-10 minutes up there, but it is plenty. The tour also includes some time walking near the entrance and a walk through the visitors center.

Laguna De Apoyo
Have Hostal El Momento book your day trip or onward trip to places like Laguna De Apoyo

Hostal El Momento can also book or assist booking tours to Laguna De Apoyo, Mombacho Volcano, Las Isletas kayaking, and city tours of Granada. Most hostels in Nicaragua double as a travel agent and Hostal El Momento is no different. They can also help arrange shuttles or provide onward travel information to San Juan Del Sur, Ometepe Island, Managua, Mombacho Volcano, and elsewhere.

Hostal El Momento cons

I definitely would recommend Hostal El Momento. The staff was friendly and helpful, the location was great, and the courtyard was a great place to hang out and meet other travelers. The only knock against the place was the room was pretty stuffy. I had a little problem sleeping one of the nights. If you can manage, try and get a lower bunk bed. They also offer several private rooms. The private rooms do not have air-conditioning; however, Mombacho has the best ventilation according to their website.

Hostal Encuentros Pool
Hotel Encuentros Pool for $5.00 and a view of Mombacho Volcano too

There is no pool at Hostal El Momento. Walking through town I saw several signs at other places offering use of their pool for a fee of $5.00 – $6.00 day pass. I took advantage of this at Hotel Encuentros. I also saw a similar sign in front of the Chocolate Mansion. If swimming is important to you then you can always sign up for the nearby Isletas Kayaking trip or do a day trip to Laguna De Apoyo.

Nearby places to eat

The Garden cafe is the best place for lunch or dinner. It is a little more expensive than most Nicaragua food, but it was delicious and fresh. It is just around the corner near the main square. There are tons of options close by. The main drag near the church has one bar/restaurant after another and Parque Central has

For more information on Hostal El Momento, check out their website.


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