Managua Backpackers hostel perfect for entering and leaving Nicaragua

On a recent trip to Nicaragua, I booked two nights to start my adventure at Managua Backpackers. It is located relatively close to the airport, so it is the perfect place to begin or end your trip.

Managua Backpackers
Entrance to Managua Backpackers

Managua Backpackers features

Airport shuttle

The first stressful connection in travel after clearing customs and immigration is from the airport to your hotel/hostel. Managua Backpackers makes this ordeal easy. They provide 24/7 shuttle service to the airport for $15.00 for solo travelers and $10.00 per person for groups of two or more. It is necessary to book this service in advance.

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I arrived at midnight. It took a little over an hour to get my bags and clear customs and immigration. Once I stepped out into the warm Nicaraguan night, a young man greeted me with a sign with my name on it. In twenty minutes, I was at the hostel and checked in. It was super easy.

Old Managua Cathedral
Old Managua Cathedral

Managua not much of a tourist destination

Managua is the capital of Nicaragua and home to the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport. Most visitors arrive and depart the country from here. Other than that, there is not much reason to stick around the capital. Many secure an immediate shuttle to Granada, León, or San Juan Del Sur. If you decide to stay a night or two in Managua, Managua Backpackers is recommended.

Trees of life
Don’t miss the trees of life when in Managua

Great place to get travel information

Since most people who stay here are either leaving or entering the country, it is a great place to get travel information from other travelers. The first question I asked other people staying here was where are you from and the second question was are you leaving Nicaragua or entering? If they replied in the former, I then asked about their trip. The staff is also helpful in providing onward travel information.

Managua Backpackers pool
Managua Backpackers outdoor pool

Outdoor pool

The number one amenity at Managua Backpackers was their nice outdoor pool. I walked down to the lakefront in Managua and checked out the Malecón and the Old Managua Cathedral. It was 90 degrees and humid, so I was drenched in sweat after a few hours in the hot afternoon weather. I took a cab back and immediately headed for the pool.

Managua Backpackers hotel
Beautiful outdoor pool at Managua Backpackers

The pool area is also a great spot to hang out. They have several hammocks and chairs surrounding the pool. The front desk offers $1.00 Tona (the local beer) as well as water and other drinks.

Managua hostel
Chilling by the pool in the evening

Good Wi-Fi connection and shared computers

If you do need to work or just want to stay connected, the Wi-Fi was solid. I wrote my first blog post for this website in a chair poolside. They also have shared computers as well.

Free pancakes

Managua Backpackers offers free pancakes in the kitchen area by the pool. The first morning I woke up at 9 a.m., which is the time they stop serving. I was crushed. Fortunately, it was actually earlier as my phone clock had not adjusted to local time as I still had it set on airplane mode.

I was delighted to find coffee and pancakes still being served when I finally walked out to daylight to hang out by the pool. Free pancakes cannot be beat for a great start to the morning.

Managua Backpackers
Common area at Managua Backpackers

Well ventilated rooms

There is no air-conditioning in the dorm rooms, but there are fans and the rooms are well ventilated. The first night was kind of breezy, so it felt cool. The second night was more stuffy at first until it cooled off a little later. It is best to grab a lower bed if you can manage. Private rooms do come with air-conditioning, so if coolness is a concern, then book a private room.

Easy access to Granada at Managua Backpackers

Easy access to bus station to Granada

The bus station to Granada is about a quarter of a mile walk. I got halfway there and a bus came around the corner with the bus concierge dude yelling Granada, Granada, Granada, so I did not even have to walk that far. The hostel also offers shuttles to other bus stations.

Masaya Volcano
Masaya Volcano

Masaya Volcano Tours

Managua Backpackers offers tours of Masaya Volcano. I emailed them in advance to inquire about it, but they never replied. Once I got there, I decided to do this tour in Granada. I am sure I could have booked this when I got to the hostel, but I decided to do this tour later.

TV room

Inside the hostel is a TV room that offers cable TV and free access to Netflix. There is a couple of couches and chairs, so it is another area of the hostel which is great to socialize with other travelers.

Lockers and storage

Be sure to bring your own lock, especially if you are staying in the dorm rooms. They have locker rooms for storage of valuable items you do not want to leave in the common areas. They also can store backpacks for a longer period if you are taking a tour outside the city and do not want to bring all your luggage.

Great location

The hostel is located in a generally safe area of Managua called the Colonial Los Robles with several restaurants and bars nearby. There is also the Metrocenter Shopping Mall within a five minute walk. I had no problem finding a bank in the Metrocenter Area. They even have a McDonalds close by if you want familiar food at the start or end of your trip.

Enjoyed my stay

Managua Backpackers checks all the boxes for amenities that make life easier for travelers. I enjoyed my stay and would not hesitate to stay again the next time I enter or leave Nicaragua. Check their website for more information.


The author paid for his stay at Managua Backpackers.



Travel tips to clear customs and immigration

One of the most stressful parts of any trip overseas is the minute you get off the plane and have to clear customs and immigration. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours. One way to alleviate the worry is to be prepared. These tips will help you clear that hurdle a lot easier.

Travel tips to clear customs and immigration

Bring a shirt with a pocket in it or a fanny pack

Make sure all your important documents are easily accessible. I always wear a shirt with a pocket in it, so I can put my passport as well as my boarding passes. Therefore, all your important information is right in front of your face. Shirts with two front pockets are even better. A fanny pack is even better.

fanny pack
The fanny pack or the front pocket of a shirt can be a useful tool when clearing customs and immigration

Bring a pen

If you do not bring a pen, it is no big deal. It is easy to borrow one to complete your immigration paperwork on the plane; however, I prefer borrowing out my pen instead of being the one looking for a pen. If you have a pen it is one less stress to concern yourself with.

clear customs
Be the one lending out a pen when you complete paperwork on the plane to clear customs

Put your phone away until you have cleared

It is kind of embarrassing to be hushed by a librarian like security staff when on your cell phone in the customs and/or immigration line. Usually you can get away with using it in the back of the line, but once you are close to being your turn, the guards become stricter.

U.S. passport
Make sure you are ready with all your documents when it is your turn

Have all of your documents ready

Have your passport opened to the picture page. Also have your boarding passes, completed immigration papers, and any fee needed all ready to hand over. Usually there is no fee to enter countries, but Nicaragua charges $10.00. Boarding passes are most often not necessary, but I have been asked for them before, so do not throw away until customs has been cleared.

Have a local address of where you are staying ready

I have been asked for the address of where I am staying in town. Once I was staying with a friend who was picking me up. I had to frantically search through emails on my phone to find it. Luckily it was there. Recently, I was in line behind someone who did not have this, and he had to call his girlfriend and get it. If you are staying at a hotel or hostel, that information is usually sufficient, but be prepared to have a full address of wherever your first night’s stay is at.

Smile and be calm

When handing over your documents smile and say hello in the language of the country you are visiting. If problems arise, stay calm. These guards have ultimate power over you for the next five minutes, so do not do anything that would offend them. Do not roll your eyes, heavily sigh, or use a heavy tone.


If you relax and follow these tips, your entry into the next big adventure will be straightforward and worry free.

For specific country travel information and requirements, check out the U.S. State Department travel website.